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" For all of us SAIMAHAVIDYA SADHNA is like Amrit (nectar) in this kalyuga to attain BHOG and MOKSHA. " Sometimes in life, it happens when the tricky situation comes into our life like: unhappiness, failures, diseases, scarcity, and poor relationship, mental stress and trauma etc., as a result human being get depressed by these situations. Everywhere he find only, the darkness of no hopes.So, to recover with these losses everyone seeks for some kind of miracle which can help to get over with these problems as soon as possible.

Get solution to your problems!

His Holiness Acharya Shri Lokeshanand ji solves the problems of others by just meditating for few minutes. Acharya Shri is able to catch the exact root cause of those problems, which is like a miracle in itself. Whenever he communicates with anybody automatically the person get healed.
- Online Personal Consultation with Acharya Shri, take prior appointment.
- Online Initiation by Acharya shri is also available as per your problem.

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